Elite Sleep Gummies



Elite Sleep Gummies


  • Aids in falling asleep
  • Support high-quality sleep
  • Calm the mind with calming herbs
  • Relaxes the nerves
  • A tasty and easy-to-take gummy for your bedtime routine
  • Provides 2mg of melatonin per servings to support the natural melatonin cycle
  • Additional relaxing and calming herbs

Elite Sleep Gummies Provides better sleep with melatonin, a naturally-occurring hormone.

These gummies also provide melatonin, a naturally-occurring hormone released by our brains when it is time to go to sleep. Together, this formula is a synergistic sleep aid for people

who have trouble falling asleep or achieving high-quality restful sleep.


Formula Ingredient DeckBenefits Of Each Ingredient 
Vitamin B6● Serves as a cofactor in more than 150 enzymatic reactions associated in blood sugar regulation, immunity, cardiovascular function, neuronal health, metabolic, and digestive health (38, 40). 

● Reduces plasma glucose (blood sugar levels) via by inhibiting the activity of small-intestinal α-glucosidases (enzymes associated with glucose metabolism) (39)

● Functions as an antioxidant by counteracting the formation of reactive oxygen species (inflammatory markers) and advanced glycation end-products (38,40)

Passion Flower Extract● Reduces stress, enhances sleep, and improves mood (248). 

● Enhances positive mood and sleep via regulated gamma‐aminobutyric acid receptor A (GABAA) activity (receptor which controls sleep) (248).

Melatonin● Supports healthy sleep patterns, immune function, and antioxidant support (256,257, 258). 

● Supports healthy circadian rhythms, and improves the onset, duration, and quality of sleep.

● Supports immune function via improved free radical scavenging capacity (258).


Proper Use of This Supplement

Elite Sleep Gummies

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take two (2) gummies before bedtime.

FDA DISCLOSURE: This information does not replace the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. Weight loss results may vary. Results can vary due to activity levels, calories consumed, proper supplement use and water consumption. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease. These statements have not been approved by the Food & Drug Administration.


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