Privacy & Security Policy

Policy brief & purpose

Elite Supplements/ Elite Weight Loss / DBA Bee Extremely Amazed LLC cybersecurity policy outlines the guidelines and provisions for preserving the security of our data and technology infrastructure.

For this reason, we have implemented a number of security measures on the front end and backend of the website. We have also prepared instructions that may help mitigate security risks. We have outlined both provisions in this policy.


This policy applies to all our employees, contractors, volunteers and anyone who has permanent or temporary access to our systems and hardware.

Policy elements

Confidential data

Data submitted to us is considered secret and valuable. Common examples are:

All employees are obliged to protect this data. In this policy, we will give our employees instructions on how to avoid security breaches.

Protect personal and company devices

We advise our employees to keep both their personal and company-issued computer, tablet and cell phone secure. Implementing the following steps as a precaution:

We also advise our employees to avoid accessing internal systems and accounts from other people’s devices or lending their own devices to others.

Keep emails safe

Emails can host scams and malicious software (e.g. worms.) To avoid virus infection or data theft, we instruct employees to:

If an employee isn’t sure that an email they received is safe, they can refer to our [IT Specialist.]

We do not sell our emial list or customer list, or customer data and we do not store credit card data on our website. You will enter your card data on a secure server with our card processing company only, much like how you would when using PayPal, Amazon, etc. Why do we not use PayPal? They have limits on supplement sales and carry alot more fees which can then raise the prices of the products.

Manage passwords properly

Password leaks are dangerous since they can compromise our entire infrastructure. Not only should passwords be secure so they won’t be easily hacked, but they should also remain secret. For this reason, we advise our employees to:

Remembering a large number of passwords can be daunting. We will purchase the services of a password management tool which generates and stores passwords. Employees are obliged to create a secure password for the tool itself, following the above mentioned advice.

From time to time, we may clear all logged in users on the website as well as the page cache to do any necessary website updates, software updates, which may log you out.

Transfer data securely

Transferring data can sometimes introduce a security risk. Employees must:

Our website technician needs to know about scams, breaches, and malware so they can better protect our infrastructure. For this reason, we advise our employees to report perceived attacks, suspicious emails or phishing attempts as soon as possible to our specialists. Our [IT Specialists/ Network Engineers] must investigate promptly, resolve the issue and send a companywide alert when necessary.

Our Security Specialists are responsible for advising employees on how to detect scam emails. We encourage our employees to reach out to them with any questions or concerns.

Additional measures

To reduce the likelihood of security breaches, we also instruct our employees to:

We also expect our employees to comply with our terms & conditions and privacy policy.

Our [Security Specialists/ Network Administrators] should:

Elite Weight Loss will have all physical and digital shields to protect information.

Remote employees

Remote Employees must follow this policy’s instructions too. Since they will be accessing Elite Weight Loss’ accounts and systems from a distance, they are obliged to follow all data encryption, protection standards, and settings, and ensure their private network is secure.

We encourage them to seek advice from our [Security Specialists/ IT Administrators.]

Disciplinary Action

We expect all our employees to always follow this policy and those who cause security breaches may face disciplinary action:

Additionally, employees who are observed to disregard our security instructions will face progressive discipline, even if their behavior hasn’t resulted in a security breach.

Take security seriously

Everyone, from our customers and partners to our employees and contractors, should feel that their data is safe. The only way to gain their trust is to proactively protect our systems and databases. We can all contribute to this by being vigilant and keeping cybersecurity top of mind.

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